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OSWP -On Site Waste Water is comprised of two divisions.

  1. On-Site Wastewater
  2. Private Drinking Water Wells

On-Site Wastewater (septic systems)

serve a large percentage of the counties residences and businesses.
We are dedicated to providing the best service possible. Prior to obtaining any construction permits from the Planning and Inspections Dept., it is necessary to apply for the proper Environmental permits. Among the list of duties for this division;

  • We conduct site evaluations to determine the suitability of a septic systems (based on the information provided by the applicants)
  • Inspections of installations of new/repair septic systems
  • Evaluations of existing septic systems with regard to addition construction (garages, room additions, swimming pools, storage buildings, etc.) and replacement of one home with another home,
  • As well as conducting public health complaint investigations

Note-fees may apply

Private Drinking Water Wells

serves only those wells which are ( or may one day) be used for human consumption. Our office will;

  • conduct a site evaluation and issue the new well construction permit provided that all necessary well setbacks from potential sources of pollution have been complied with,
  • perform grouting, and well head inspections on all new wells and repaired existing wells (as applicable),
  • issue permits for the repair/abandonment of existing wells,
  • conduct water samples collection on New Wells once the well is completed and disinfected,
  • collect water samples on existing wells.

Note-fees may apply