Food, Lodging, and Institutional

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The Food, Lodging, and Institutional

program is the division of the Alexander County Environmental Health Department that is responsible for the plan review, inspection, and permitting of a variety of facilities. The list of facilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Restaurants
  • Food stands
  • Meat markets
  • Drink stands
  • Mobile Food Units/Push Carts
  • Limited Food Service
  • Lodging (hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast)
  • Public/Private Schools
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Adult Day Service Facilities
  • Adult Care Homes
  • Camp Facilities (resident, summer, and primitive)

In order for a restaurant, food stand, hotel, etc. to operate, the facility must first undergo a plan review. A completed application shall be submitted to the Alexander County Environmental Health Department. North Carolina state law requires that they be permitted by an appropriate agency. (Contact Alexander County Environmental Health Dept. for the correct permitting agency. ) Once permitted, they are required to be inspected on a specified frequency (per NC Food Establishment Rules and/or NC Sanitation Rules).

Additional functions of the FLI program include the inspection of TFEs
(temporary food establishments), and investigation of pubic health complaints.

  • We conduct site evaluations to determine the suitability of a septic systems
    (based on the information provided by the applicants)
  • Inspections of installations of new/repair septic systems
  • Evaluations of existing septic systems with regard to addition construction
    (garages, room additions, swimming pools, storage buildings, etc.)
    and replacement of one home with another home,
  • As well as conducting public health complaint investigations

Note-fees may apply

Temporary Food Establishments or TFE’s

North Carolina law requires that certain food service operations located at festivals and special events obtain a permit to operate from the local Environmental Health Department before operating.
See The Requirements for Food Service at Festivals and Special Events for additional information, possible exemptions and exceptions. Each non-exempt vendor is required to submit
a Festival, Special Event-TFE Vendor Application to the local Environmental Health Department.
The current TFE Application fee is available at the following website link: Fees